GRIP Student Leadership Conference - Glasshouse Christian College

GRIP Student Leadership Conference

  • March 4, 2014

Two weeks ago the Primary Captains and House Captains attended a leadership conference at the Nambour Civic Centre.

The students travelled by bus to Nambour and were accompanied by Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Roulston. The focus of the conference was to prepare students in practical ways for the role of a leader.

During the day we learnt about how to be a schoolyard Superhero, how to lead like a strawberry and not a watermelon, succeeding at student leadership and bringing our ideas alive. Being a Superhero means to be a Helper, an Encourager, a Role model and an Organiser. It was an amazing day!

We listened to speakers, were involved in some crazy activities and all in all we had great fun while learning to be great leaders. It was a wonderful day.

Gail Mitchell and Madeleine Roulstonphoto-3

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