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GRIP Leadership Day

  • March 4, 2015

On Wednesday 18 February, a group of our Year 6 leaders attended the GRIP Leadership Conference with Mrs Mitchell and Mr Rogers. Being involved in leadership at GCCC is an important responsibility and a fantastic opportunity to make an impact on others, whilst growing as a young leader.

The main theme for the conference this year was “Stand Up” with a focus on standing up and taking hold of opportunities to lead, standing up for what is right, standing up for others and standing up for yourself.  The full conference program was structured around activities that prepared our young leaders, in practical ways, for the leadership at school.

Reflections from students who attended:

‘Today students from GCCC went to the GRIP Leadership Conference held at Nambour Civic Centre. We learnt that paper, scissors, rock has a meaning, which is . . . paper stands for create a plan, scissors stands for take action and rock stands for staying strong.

During today we met other students from different schools and there were over 300 students at the conference! We got to discuss different ways that we could serve others and different principles around ‘standing up’ in a fun way. We did this in dance competitions and getting to go on stage to discuss our ideas.’

Cassidy and Kiana

‘We had fun at the GRIP Leadership Conference. We learnt about how to be a confident leader for the school. We learnt the importance of leadership and how to make a really good plan. We enjoyed the humour of the jokes, the music of the dance parties and the practicality of leadership. We learnt the 4 stand ups – stand up for what is right, stand up when there is an opportunity, stand up for others and stand up for yourself. Some of the practical aspects of leadership involve a P.L.A.N which stands for:

Priority areas            Listen              Activities              Next steps

Leaders look for ways to serve others!

Thank you for taking us!’

Caitlin and Alex

By Gail Mitchell


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