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Great experience at AFL

  • November 14, 2019

Great experience at AFL

Year 5 and 6 put in to practise all the AFL skills they had learned during their PE lessons in Term 3. They competed against other Glasshouse District Schools in a two-week competition which was run by AFL Development Officers. 

Some students were very experienced and skilful AFL players but others in our teams were new to AFL. This was a great opportunity for students to try out a sport they had not competed in before. Students bought netball, soccer and rugby league skills to the games and used this experience to play great AFL. 

Our A Boys team played fantastic AFL and won every game they played. They kicked the ball well to teammates and kept their positions on the field. Having players in position meant many balls were caught just in front of goal for an easy six-pointer goal.

The B Boys also played well but were outmuscled against bigger teams at times although they scored some fantastic goals and wins. The boys enjoyed the opportunity to tackle and jostle for the ball.

The A Girls team were very tall and strong so they had a strong physical advantage over many teams. They won all but two games with a very close one-point loss against Glasshouse State School. In the last game of the very hot day of competition, the girls were soundly beaten by a better team when they played Elimbah State School. Elimbah dominated possession and showed their experience to kick goals from many different angles. 

The B Girls team was a much younger team and played some very competitive games. They enjoyed the opportunity to play in this competition and look forward to playing Interschool Sport next year as many of this team were Year 5 students.

It was great to have many parents supporting the teams and your cheering and encouragement was much appreciated by all the players.

Wendy Stott

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