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Great day at Interschool Touch Football

  • November 17, 2020

Great day at Interschool Touch Football

Wow it was so great to be able to play Interschool Sport this week against Glasshouse Mountains State School. The Year 5 and 6 students were so excited about playing and enjoyed the experience competing in Touch Football in this friendly competition setting.

We took eight teams to this competition which was twice as many teams as we usually take so it was great to be able to offer so many students the opportunity to play. Each team played four 25 minute games against the two girls or boys Glasshouse State School teams and two games against GCC teams.

There were some great games of Touch Football played with some very close scores and several draws. Teams improved with each game they played and worked together well.

Both girls and boys GCC Gold teams played the top Glasshouse State School teams in the last game of the day. Both games were drawn showing just how close these teams were. 

In the Boys competition the Glasshouse SS 1 team were winners by just one point as the GCC Gold team also drew with the GCC Maroon Year 5 team to put them one point behind GHSS. 

In the Girls Competition GCC Gold and Glasshouse State School Girls 2 teams both won three games and drew the game against each other. This meant that they were joint winners of the Girls competition. 

We would like to thank Glasshouse State School and Mrs Alicia Turner for bringing their teams to this competition. Students from both schools really enjoyed the competition and the experience and played with great sportsmanship.

Most Valuable Players were selected by the coaches of each team. These students showed fantastic skill in touch football but were also encouraging team players, working hard throughout the competition.

MVP players are as follows:

Boys – GCC Gold: Cooper Rana
            GCC Maroon: Archie Cruise
            GCC Green: Harry Bound
            GCC White: Eli Rooney

Girls – GCC Gold: Claire Broderick
            GCC Maroon: Lotty Kelly
            GCC White: Jolie Veit

Competition Results:

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

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