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Gold medal kids

  • August 12, 2021

Gold medal kids

We have had a great start to Week 4 and it has been wonderful to have everyone back at school. Visiting all the classes this week and speaking with all the students, we have refocused after a somewhat unsettled start to the Term.

The Olympic Games have been outstanding over the last few weeks and have been inspiring. Even without the usual number of spectators, throughout the Olympics, we were able to experience the dramas, spectacles and accomplishments that took place in Tokyo. As a Primary School, we have discussed expectations for this term and we are going to focus on being GCC Gold Medal Kids, having a gold medal work ethic, gold medal behaviour, gold medal dress expectations and gold medal kindness towards as we become academic athletes. 

There are several important areas associated with the development of elite athletes that are relevant for our students.


Elite athletes must be supremely fit, physically and psychologically, if they are to participate and achieve. Sleep, nutrition, hydration and exercise are carefully considered, adjusted and monitored to ensure positive health, development and optimal performance. Establishing and maintaining physical fitness to ensure optimal academic performance and endurance is just as important and worth considering.


Athletes focus upon small, steady gains and identify ways in which they can continue to develop their abilities and perfect specific skills. They strive to achieve PBs (Personal Bests). Students who focus on small but steady improvement and aim to achieve their Personal Best with each task and activity will gradually attain significant, long-term goals.


A grueling training schedule enables peak performance at the Olympic Games. Athletes have a support team, who teach, coach and support them in various ways. Students prepare by reading, researching, completing assigned tasks and continuously revising. Developing a planned schedule for homework, classwork and establishing study routines helps with the preparation of establishing a good work ethic and successful learning.


Sometimes an athlete’s preparation or performance can be derailed. Being able to recover quickly is critical to the athlete being able to get back to training and competing well. Students will inevitably encounter obstacles and challenges. Resilience, perseverance and having a ‘growth mindset’ are important dispositions to support ‘gold medal’ learning and achievement.


A spirit of celebration pervades the Olympic Games. All athletes do not win medals; however, there is celebration about participation. It is important for students, like athletes, to acknowledge and celebrate their successes and achievements, as well as the attainment of significant goals. (Clearing Skies, Michele Juratowitch)

As we aim for every student to be a GCC Gold Medal Kid, let us work together, encouraging our children to be involved in healthy activities, have plenty of sleep and to work on the goals they have set for Semester Two. Let us help them to be prepared for every day, to keep going and to embrace challenges. Most importantly, let us celebrate their small and large successes and help them to continually work on being the very best version of themselves.

Gail Mitchell – Head of Primary

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