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Glasshouse Rotary Club sponsor Abigail for a Science Experience

  • March 11, 2020

From the 21-24 January I was sponsored by the Glasshouse Rotary Club to attend a four-day ‘Science Experience’. I have had a strong passion for Science, in particular Biology and Chemistry for quite a while and I plan on pursuing a science career in the future, however, I’ve never really known exactly how to get there.

Throughout the course, we were taught so much about a variety of areas in science. We were able to go into labs and lectures at three different Universities (QUT, UQ and Griffith University) and were given an exceptional and very helpful insight of the kind of work we would do if we were to continue studying an area in science after school.

I learnt a lot about science but also about University and how to get into a Science Degree and the subjects I should take in school to prepare. Not only did I learn so much more about science but it also made my passion for both sciences so much greater and made me less nervous about the future and the kind of career I want to get into. It was such a great opportunity and I feel so privileged to have been able to attend.

I would like to thank Mr Doolan for nominating me and the Glasshouse Rotary Club for sponsoring me. I thoroughly recommend the ‘Science Experience’ in 2021 to any current Year 9 students who have a passion for science.

Abigail McKinley (Year 10 science student)

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