Glasshouse District Athletics Champions 2017 - Glasshouse Christian College

Glasshouse District Athletics Champions 2017

  • August 10, 2017

Glasshouse District Athletics Champions 2017

Sixty of GCC’s best athletes have competed to become Glasshouse District Champions for a second year running! The team finished 30 points in front of St Michael’s who were second and Elimbah State School placed third.

Some students had trained hard for this competition and others relied on natural talent, but many won ribbons and several became Age Champions or Runners Up Age Champions.

Lainey Grieve became the 12 Girls Age Champion tying on points with Ruby Orchard from St Michael’s College. Lainey had a very busy and successful day competing in six events and qualifying for the Regional Championships in all six. She won the discus and shot put events, placed second in the 100m, 200m and high jump and finished third in the long jump. What a fantastic day for her on the track and in the field. Amy Trevan also competed well, gaining second in discus and high jump and third in shot put and 200m and was Runner Up Age Champion.

Jaiden Ward had a great day jumping a huge 4.22m to win the 11 boys long jump. He also won the 100m, placed second in the 200m and came third in the high jump. This gained him enough points to make him 11 boys Runner Up Age Champion.

Max Cashin also had a great day winning the 100m and 200m races and placing third in shot put and fourth in long jump. These placings gave him the Runner Up Age Champion title for the 10 year boys.

Lily Breen has just started at GCC and was a great asset to our team with two fantastic personal performances. She won the 10 girls 800m and also won the high jump to give her enough points to become Girls Runner Up Age Champion for 10 year girls.

It was great to have lots of parents cheering the athletes on and supporting the whole team. Everyone competed really strongly and it was fantastic to see so many GCC students doing their very best in every event. Eighteen students were selected to compete at the Sunshine Coast Regional Championships which will be held at the end of August. Winning the Championship was a real team effort.

Students Placing Top three at District Athletics

These students and Brady Ryan will compete at the Regional Championships

Jesse Drew10 years1st 100m
Lily Breen10 years1st 800m 1st HJ
Max Cashin10 years1st 100m 3rd 200 3rd SP
Jacob McGilvray10 years1st Dis, 2nd 100m
Jared Moss10 years1st 800m
Reed Hambly10 years1st LJ
Jake O’Grady-Schroter10 years2nd SP
Nicole Morris11 years1st SP
Jaiden Ward11 years1st LJ, 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m, 2nd HJ
Jaymes Roser11 years3rd 100m 2nd LJ
Lachlan McGilvray11 years2nd Dis
Macauley King11 years1st Dis
Lainey Grieve12 years1st SP, 1st Dis, 2nd 100m, 2nd 200m, 2nd HJ, 3rd LJ,
Lilli-Jean Cruise12 years2nd 800m
Amy Trevan12 years2nd Dis, 2nd HJ, 3rd SP, 3rd 200m
Noah Moss12 years2nd 800m 2nd HJ
Daniel Coumi12 years2nd HJ, 2nd SP, 2nd 200m

Wendy Stott

GCC Families can see all the photos here and here.

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