“Give Your Child The Edge” - Glasshouse Christian College

“Give Your Child The Edge”

  • March 13, 2013
 A FREE 1-hour talk by learning expert Diana Vogel – The Kid Whisperer from Down Under.
• The importance of the 32 learning profiles and how they can play out in your child.
• The simplest and quickest technique to calm your child down which doesn’t cost anything…Miss this and you’ll regret it!
• How stroke patient recovery is used to help children struggling at school.
• Which little trick you can do before school so your child is more focused once they get there.
• The next step for your child, if they’re falling behind their peers.
• How to ‘give your child the edge’.
When: Tuesday 26 March 11am
Where: Alcooringa Youth & Community Centre, 176 Ballinger Rd, Buderim 4556
Limited Seats. So please call 1800 194 206 (ext 3) and leave your details to reserve your place.
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