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GCC student finalist in competition

  • November 6, 2018

GCC student finalist in competition

Up and coming Year 7 poet, Mariah Evans, has received her first breakthrough as a finalist in the ‘Write 4 Fun’ competition. As a result, her work will be published in a soon to be released poetry anthology called, ‘Write Along’.
We are pleased to be the first to enjoy her poem here:

A Walk Through A Peaceful Garden

As I walked in the peaceful garden,

I saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering by,

And I wondered what gave it its grace.

I walked over the brown garden bridge,

Where a school of graceful goldfish swam below,

And I wondered who gave them their place.

As I lay on the grassy green hill,

I stared at a lone lorikeet up in the blue sky,

Circling up there in the free open space.

I stopped and peered down at a leaf,

Where a little caterpillar crept on by,

And I married at how it saw life from such a slow pace.

As I walked through the closing gate,

There were beautiful butterflies and graceful goldfish,

Alone lorikeet and a creeping caterpillar.

And they were all waving goodbye to me.

Congratulations Mariah!

Mrs da Silva, Head of English


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