Gabagaba tribe visits GCCC - Glasshouse Christian College

Gabagaba tribe visits GCCC

  • September 18, 2013

The College enjoyed a cross-cultural visit last week from the Island of Papua New Guinea. A team of 11 Papuans from the Gabagaba tribe came to visit for a two-week cultural exchange.

The team was actually the local ‘church youth group’ from Gabagaba who desired to visit Australia and share with our local churches and schools in particular.

GCCC hosted the team for three days last week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) so that the students could watch the team share about their village, culture and Christian faith.

We were treated to a number of dances and traditional songs from the Gabagaba village. The students were also able to join in on a number of the songs and dances (a number of which they already knew quite well!)

The team also demonstrated the use of their local instruments. And displayed their traditional dance clothes, explaining how the different garments are made of and what materials they use. The younger students in particular were fascinated by the colorful hats, which were made almost entirely of ‘bird of paradise’ feathers.

We thank the Gabagaba team for visiting the school and sharing their culture with us. It’s always wonderful to get a taste of the vibrant lands and cultures living over seas.

Mick Spann
Youth Pastor GCBC

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