Future Pathways News 4 December - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways News 4 December

  • December 3, 2014

Glasshouse Christian College has just been notified of the successful students who have applied to The University of the Sunshine Coast’ HEADSTART program for 2015.

I want to congratulate the following students who have been successful in their applications:- Will Smerdon, James Proud, Maddison Larfield, Nicola Bates, Ryan Jeffery, Lachlan McCaig, Holly Dodwell. We wish them every success in 2015, in their various Headstart courses.

I would like to draw attention to a new range of Scholarships that have emerged at The University of the Sunshine Coast recently. Go to the following website:


Parents of Year 12 students may find the criteria for some of these new scholarships more appropriate to their circumstances.

Applications have been received and students are being shortlisted for the Glasshouse Christian College school-based apprenticeships, in Sport and Recreation (Certificate II in Sport and Recreation) and in Information Technology (Cert III in IT support). Interviews are expected to be early in the New Year.

Students who want to do a Certificate 3, are best to seek out employers, through either Busy at Work, Community Solutions, MIGAS or another, who will source and allow them to do the Certificate within the context of a School-Based Apprenticeship and or School-Based Traineeship.

Training Queensland, North Coast Region, in partnership with our local businesses, has developed a pre-employment skills checklist and workbook. It is called Ready for Work-Getting the Right Job and Keeping it Workbook. It can be located at the following website: ipl.eq.edu.au. Click Programs, then Student Futures. The workbooks can be downloaded from there.

Employers look for certain skills in their workers that are not specific to any job role.

These skills are personal attributes that you display in your daily life and are considered essential in the work environment. These skills are covered in this publication.

Work Experience Forms must be in by the end of this week, or at the very latest Friday 27th January 2015. As has been previously indicated, forms submitted by students at this very late stage are unlikely to gain their first preference, unless a prior arrangement with an employer has been secured, or it is a new enrolment. Work Experience will be held during the week of the 20-24th April, the first week of Term 2, 2015.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employers that have decided to partner with our school during 2014, whether it be in the context of a school based traineeship, school based apprenticeship and or work experience. The opportunities that you have offered our students have been of immeasurable value. As a school we are extremely grateful, appreciative and thankful for your contributions.

I want to thank parents and students who have supported us this year, particularly in the well attended Year 9 and Year 10 nights. We look forward to continued productive partnerships in 2015.

Paul Nash, Head Of Future Pathways



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