Future Pathways News 22 November 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways News 22 November 2013

  • November 19, 2013

Welcome to Paul Nash in 2014

Mr Paul Nash will be replacing Mrs Ferris in Future Pathways in 2014.  Mr Nash comes to us with long experience in secondary education as both a teacher and a qualified Guidance Officer.  Mr Nash’s skills will offer a wider range of services to students and their families and we are very pleased he is joining our school family.  The wonderful and much loved Mrs Simo McMinn will be continuing on as the Administration Officer in Future Pathways.  Mr Nash will join Mrs McMinn in the Future Pathways Office next to the Chappies’ Office.  Please make him very welcome as he starts in his new position next year.

New Email Address

The new email address for any Future Pathways issues (Work Experience, traineeships, careers information, SET Plans, QTAC etc) will be future.pathways@glasshouse.qld.edu.au.  Mrs Ferris is monitoring this address at the moment but it will pass on to Mr Nash and Mrs McMinn next year.

Year 9 Work Experience

Thank you to the 30 families who have already finalised their work experience placement for next year or are discussing options with us this week.  We hope that the rest of the students will be able to advise us this week of their intentions.  At the latest we would like forms to come back next week so we can contact workplaces before we go on Christmas holidays.  If you are having any problems please talk to us now as next year will be very busy and our time to give assistance in first term will be limited.  Thank you.

Congratulations to Courtney Rechberger

Courtney has been undertaking a Certificate II in Hairdressing at Caboolture TAFE.  She missed out on being presented at the Senior Awards ceremony for completing this qualification because her certificate was issued after the event.  Well done to Courtney.  She was considered an excellent student at TAFE and received an award during the year from Brisbane North TAFE for her work.  Here she is receiving the award earlier this year from her Trainer.

Courtney Rechberger

$25,000 Teaching Scholarships

Are you passionate about science, maths or industrial design?  Share your skill and expertise by becoming a specialist teacher.  The Queensland Government is offering teaching scholarships valued at up to $25000.  For details visit www.teach.qld.gov.au.

Want to be a Pilot?

I listened to a fascinating interview on the ABC over the weekend with an expert in labour force information in the aviation industry.  Of particular interest was the staggering estimate that in the next 20 years, before 2032, world-wide there will be a need for up to half a million pilots.  Much of this demand will be driven by the expansion of the industry in Asia.  Australia is well positioned in many ways to provide these skills. The commentator also mentioned that this is a field in which women as well as men can excel.

Defence Technical Scholarships and Long Tan Awards

A number of our students in past years have benefitted from Defence Technical Scholarships.  The Defence Force has advised that this program has now been discontinued for financial reasons.  The Long Tan Awards are continuing.  Our current recipients of this award, announced at the Senior Awards ceremony last week, were Troy Fullerton in Year 10 and Riley Williamson in Year 12.  Troy was awarded $250 and Riley $550.

Aviation Australia Opens its Doors!

Come along to our Open Night on Wednesday 27 November commencing at 6.00pm.The Open Night offers students and parents the opportunity to tour our training facilities based at Brisbane Airport and find out first-hand, how to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Flight Attendant. Our training centres house the most advanced training equipment including real aircraft, fully equipped workshops, cabin simulators, evacuation slides, pool for water safety drills, and excellent student amenities. You will also have the chance to meet our team of instructors who are available to answer any of your questions. To register your interest email:  aero.info@aviationaustralia.aero or contact our Sales Team on 07 3860 0900.

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