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Future Pathways News 2 May 2014

  • April 30, 2014

On Tuesday  20 May the College will be running a night focussing on the Student Education and Training plan (SET PLAN) for Year 10s and their parents.  This night will outline the processes including career lessons which lead up to the mandatory interview with Year 10 students and their parents. This  culminates in a selection of subjects for 2015.

The interviews will take place between the 11 and 22 August. It is a Training Plan that is dynamic in nature, extending over the three years from Year 10 to 12.

Work experience evaluations from employers were highly favourable, including the publication of an article in the Glasshouse Country News from one of our Year 10 students. A number of employers contacted the school complimenting our students on their dress and motivation.

Other outcomes have included jobs that have been offered to students from this week and encouragements to students to pursue apprenticeships with certain employers in the very near future. I would like to thank Mrs McMinn in particular, for her role in placing 85 students. This was an enormous task which began way back in Term 4, 2014.

‘Health Heroes’ is an event run in conjunction with the  Kawana Private Hospital on the 1 May and several of our students will be attending . On the 11 June the University of the Sunshine Coast will be holding a University Experience Day (the USC experience), where all  the Year 10 students will attend two workshops of their choosing.

We will endeavour to get the students their first two preferences, but because other schools are attending, this is not always possible. The students will do two workshops which are interactive and hands on. The options for choice have been placed on the schools website, through Future Pathways. I have also run a session on the USC experience in Pastoral Care with the Year 10s.

Year 12 students at this time of the year  should be encouraged to make an appointment with Mr Nash re Future Pathways and their post Year 12 plans. These discussions will lead into a more structured program in Term 3 regarding Tertiary and TAFE applications through QTAC.

In Term 2, I will be reviewing Year 11s and their SET PLANS. This is to review the pathways that have been chosen and to document the necessary changes to the SET PLAN that may have occurred, such as changes of subjects and career goals.

I look forward to meeting many of you on  Saturday, May 17 at the College’s Open Day .

Paul Nash, Future Pathways Co-ordinator

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