Future Pathways as at 7 February 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways as at 7 February 2014

  • February 4, 2014

Hi, my name is Paul Nash and I am Head of Future Pathways, replacing Mrs Joan Ferris in 2014. I have known Joan for many years and have been aware of the outstanding VET work she has done here at Glasshouse Christian College.

I have previously been a Guidance Officer and VET Co-ordinator in other schools throughout Queensland. I look forward to meeting many of you during the year.

I am working from Mondays through until Thursdays. Mrs McMinn will continue in her administrative capacity and support for Future Pathways, from Tuesday until Friday.

The Future Pathways Office has relocated within the Library to the suite, which was formerly known as the Green room. Entry to our new office area should be made through the main Library entrance.

It has been an exciting and very busy start to the year, with the major priority being preparation for Work Experience which starts in the week of 31 March. Students who have yet to return their work experience forms to Mrs McMinn, should do so as soon as possible.

I will be conducting a sequence of work experience lessons for all Year 10 students so they are thoroughly prepared, before they enter the work place.

The school has already signed up two students in 2014 in School-Based Traineeships in the areas of Information Technology Support and Warehousing in a plumbing business at Caboolture.

Mr Paul Nash, Head of Future Pathways


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