Future Pathways 6 March 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways 6 March 2015

  • March 4, 2015

Work Experience. Year 10 students have received their placements for the week 20 – 24 April from Liz Walker representing Sustainable Partnerships.  They have been given a Work Experience Agreement Form, which must be signed by the employer. This can be done at the appointment to see the employer, which should be made within the next two weeks. Once the form is signed it must be immediately returned to Future Pathways Office by Thursday 19 March 2015, so that Mr Curtis can sign it. Please note that this is a legal document and must be retained with all signatures by the College.

In recent weeks I have been spending time with the Year 10 students on how to phone an employer. We have been doing role-play and students have been encouraged to write an ‘introductory script’ and role-play that script with parents/caregivers. I have also impressed upon them the need to have their resume present when they ring the employer, as an employer may ask questions about their work history etc.

Year 12s attended the annual UNI Showcase at Beerwah State High School on Friday 6 March. This has always been a pivotal event in the career decision making process for Year 12 students with a wide range of universities and providers present to answer student questions. We are always appreciative and grateful to Beerwah State High School for inviting us to their event.

I have suggested to Year 12 students that they can best prepare for this event by going to the MY FUTURE website  www.myfuture.edu.au and exploring the activities associated with such an event as this.

The ‘Try a Trade Day’ for girls at the Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre will be held on Monday the 9 March. There are still vacancies and the SCTTTC has now opened it up to interested Year 12 girls. So interested female students from Year 9 to Year 12 can attend.

Year 12 Headstart students have started their Sunshine Coast University courses this week and I have asked for a meeting with each student recently to go through the College’s expectations with respect to being a Glasshouse Christian College Headstart Student.

One of the responsibilities of a student doing Headstart is to simultaneously manage both a University and their College workload. So in week 8 I will be checking with students and monitoring their progress.

It is incumbent upon students to discuss issues of concern with both the University and our College staff. In particular myself, Mr Heyworth, Head of Senior and Mr Steffler, Dean of Studies. If there is any consideration of a withdrawal from a course, students must see one of the above College staff before withdrawing. There is a census date which students would have been made aware of at orientation. Withdrawal from a course BEFORE this date will ensure enrolment fees are reimbursed.

Please note the upcoming information sessions from the Australian Defence Force: Please RSVP to defencejobsmaroochydore@dfr.com.au or call (07) 5459 8722

Information sessionLocationDateTime
Woman in the Defence Force, information session.DFR Maroochydore, 35 – 39 Primary School Crt, Maroochydore16 Mar 156 – 8 pm
Army Reserve – Information SessionDFR Maroochydore, 35 – 39 Primary School Crt, Maroochydore17 Mar 156 – 8 pm
Australian Defence Force – Officer Entre information session.DFR Maroochydore, 35 – 39 Primary School Crt, Maroochydore19 Mar 156 – 8 pm
Australian Defence Force Academy information session.DFR Maroochydore, 35 – 39 Primary School Crt, Maroochydore25 Mar 156 – 8 pm

Paul Nash, Future Pathways Co-ordinator



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