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Future Pathways 27 June 2014

  • June 24, 2014

The term has certainly been very active in terms of the promotion of careers and the exposure of options, such as various career events to Year 10 students.

Most recently Year 10 students had the ‘USC Experience’, which was enjoying two faculty based workshops at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The interactive nature of the workshops certainly enriched the learning experience of students with one example being using paramedic equipment within the Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree.

Year 10 students have now completed their ‘My Future’ lessons and should have a hard copy called their ‘Career Profile’, ready for their SET PLAN interviews in August. A letter for Year 10 parents will be sent out detailing how parents can make appointments to see Mr Heyworth and Mr Nash in due course. Similarly a letter will be sent to parents regarding the night of 6 August.

It is important to note that if you are intending to do a school-based traineeship, a traineeship sign up before the 30th June 2014 will mean that the employer will incur no costs. Currently there are school based traineeships still available in Horticulture Hospitality and Retail.

Immediately after the June-July break, parents should be aware of the annual Tertiary Studies EXPO on the 19 and 20 July. Further details can be found at www.tsxpo.org ( visit as it has links to key information, prizes to be won, a bursary of $2000). Other social media details are www.facebook.com/tsxpo&  www.twitter.com/career events. It is held at the Exhibition Building, Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills from 10.00am-4pm (Admission Free).

The Sunshine Coast holds its Careers Expo – Tuesday 22 July. The Australian Defence Force among other exhibitors, will be present. We take Year 10s and Year 12s to this Expo.

This is open to career seekers from all ages but it should be of particular interest to Year 12 parents and students as tertiary applications, which include up to six preferences, closes on Friday 29 September at 4.30pm.

The value of the expo is finding out about new courses offered at different institutions and also comparing existing ‘like’ courses from different institutions through consulting the students and lecturers present. This enhances and refines your decision making process.

The expo is relevant for both tertiary and TAFE students alike, particularly in exploring alternative pathways, scholarships and preparatory courses, in the event that a student is unsuccessful in their initial plans.

Year 12 students should be aware the application process is an ‘all round year’ application process which starts from the 5 August 2014 running through until Semester 2, 2015. A structured QTAC program will be run by me in Term 3 2014 and students should do the program before submitting an application.

So a 2014 Year 12 student’s application ‘remains current’ in 2015 even though they may not have received an offer in the January round of offers in 2015.

Interstate Admissions are NOT processed through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions centre, but through their counterparts in the other states. This information is on page 52 of the QTAC guide.

Year 12 interviews with both parents and students have begun and the Wednesday seems to be the most preferred day for interviews. Appointments can be made through the Future Pathways Office. The QTAC Guide will be distributed on the night of the 6 August, which is a Future Pathways /QTAC EXPO night.

A good starting point for Year12s who are quite unsure about their future options, is to go to Future Pathways on ‘I learn’, within the school’s website, complete the quizzes and questionnaires, and additionally start to compile a list of interests/courses through the My Future website www.myfuture.edu.au.  The Job Guide 2014 is also available on line at www.jobguide.education.gov.au and is a very useful resource.

This ensures the Year 12 interview process with me is productive with information obtained by the student and gives a range of possible outcomes to follow through in 2015. A gap year in 2015 is possible, but it is only as meaningful as to the goals attached to it.

Applications for 2015 courses run through the Sunshine Coast Trade Training Centre have opened. Students should obtain an expression of interest form from the Future Pathways Office, and return it to me. Students should then attend the SCTTC , Caloundra High School Information night on August 27 regarding enrolment information.

 Paul Nash, Future Pathways Coordinator

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