Future Pathways 12 June 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways 12 June 2015

  • June 10, 2015

Headstart Students

Exam time is approaching. It is important that students are talking to teaching staff about course content and attending academic skills workshops.

Check your exam calendar at: http://www.usc.edu.au/learn/calendars-andtimetables/examination-information

Year 12

The Year 12 students were recently given a presentation by Paul Nash on ‘QTAC and other Pathways’. Students received a handout and the presentation can be found on Connect (Future Pathways, After Year 12, Presentation is at the top of the page). It was an inclusive presentation outlining pathways for both OP eligible and ineligible students.

School-Based Traineeships

Certificate II in Engineering

ACCLAIM has a school based traineeship vacancy for a Year 11 student to undertake the Certificate II in Engineering. The host employer’s main business is the construction of steel sheds, both residential and industrial, however they also do car ports, houses and renovations. Whilst they deal in steel, they also have a lot of construction components  found in the carpentry trade and is therefore suitable for a young person interested in construction.

The company is based in Landsborough but its work is all over the Sunshine Coast, hence interested students will need to have a supportive family who can be flexible with transport arrangements. The successful applicant will also need a strong work ethic and willingness to work hard in the construction or engineering industries.

A work experience trial to determine final suitability will be expected. Interested students can apply with their resume, cover letter and the Acclaim registration form to Jessica Taylor, jessica.taylor@communitysolutions.org.au by Monday 15 June. Registration forms are available at the Future Pathways Office. (For convenience there are forms available in the yellow tray on the low table directly outside our office).

Certificate III in Hospitality

There is also a Certificate III Traineeship in Hospitality on offer based at ‘Munch Takeaways’ North Lakes. Interested applicants can send their resumes to resumes@redmako.com.au or see Paul Heyworth in the Future Pathways Office.

Other VET Options

TAFE EAST COAST is currently taking applications as is the Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre for second semester. See the Future Pathways Office for applications (For convenience, there are forms available on the low table directly outside our office: in the black tray for SCTTTC and orange tray for TAFE).

Recently we had the STEPS National Disabilities Coordinator, Debbie Rooskov, the representative for South East Qld, speak to the Senior students about transitioning to the workforce.  One of her central themes was the power of harnessing ‘team approaches’ for students in approaching both study and seeking employment. She alerted students to the very informative website:- www.ndco.stepscs.net.au

This website has the following foci:- Interactive job tips, a virtual career expo, webinars, transition information, tips for study and employment

Upcoming Events

Anyone interested in a career within the Australian Defence Force should have received an email advising them of a couple of different information sessions that occurred this week.  Flyers with detailed information can be found on Connect under My Courses, Students & Families, Future Pathways, Defence on further sessions. These include:

  • ADF Academy Information Session: Monday 15 June, 6pm, Defence Force Recruiting, Level 13, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD RSVP call 13 19 01 or email cptqld@dfr.com.au
  • Women in Defence Information Session: Monday 22 June, 6pm, Defence Force Recruiting, Level 13, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD RSVP call 13 19 01 or email wid@dfr.com.au
  • Army Combat & Security Roles Information Session: Tuesday 23 June, 6pm, Defence Force Recruiting, Level 13, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD RSVP call 13 19 01 or email cptqld@dfr.com.au

USC Experience Day is on 11 June. Students were allocated two workshops for the day by the university. Students had the opportunity to experience workshops on Business & Management, Health & Wellbeing, Design, Creativity & Communication, Science, Sports & Nutrition, Education, Environment & the World Around Us as well as Human Behaviour.

On assembly this week we also had a guest speaker from the ADF talking to students about careers in the forces and possibly also the option of taking a gap year with them.

Refer to Calendar of Careers Events and Expos on Connect.

Paul Nash, Future Pathways Coordinator


Future Pathways Co-ordinator

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