Future Pathways 1 March 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways 1 March 2013

  • February 28, 2013

Our Wonderful Future Pathways Students.

Last week Mr Heyworth met with our TAFE students to check on how their year has started. Students were reminded to stay ahead of school work and TAFE assessment and request help if they strike any problems. Some of our TAFE students were away at courses or elsewhere when we met including Sian Lindsay, Juanita Greasley, Emerson Tasker, Ashlie Balour, Megan James, Courtney Rechberger and Brendan Flesser however here are the rest of our 2013 TAFE students with Mr Heyworth, Study Supervisor Mrs Fiona Peel and Mrs Joan Ferris.

Headstart students

Headstart students start their university courses this week at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The students gathered to discuss uni routines, schedules, assessment and other such items. Jordan Marston was absent from our gathering. Very best wishes to these students in their first week at uni.

Headstart Information Evening

Speaking of the University of Sunshine Coast anyone considering Headstart studies at Uni at any time in the future should consider attending the information session on Wednesday 13 March. To register for this session please go to www.usc.edu.au/info.

Year 10 Work Experience

Excitement is mounting in the Year 10 ranks with Work Experience looming up in coming weeks. All students now have a confirmed placement thanks to many very generous employers and fantastic work by Mrs McMinn. At the moment we are talking to the students about workplace skills including personal presentation, communication and Workplace Health and Safety. To assist the school in final preparations, parents are asked to please take their student to the workplace to meet the supervisor within the next fortnight. Students should use this visit to find out what to wear, when to arrive, workplace arrangements for lunch breaks, who to report to and where to go on the first day. We have found in the past this visit makes the first day and the rest of the week run very smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns about work experience please contact Mrs Ferris.

Defence Force Update.

Last week Mrs Ferris visited the new office for Defence Force Recruiting in Maroochydore. It is at 35 – 39 Primary School Road. This is on the corner of Maroochydore Road and the back road to the Plaza near the Bunnings and Homemaker Centre. You can contact them on 5459 8700 or email defencejobsmaroochydore@dfr.com.au.

There are some Information Sessions coming up for students interested in joining the Defence Force. They are:
• ADFA Wednesday 13 March at 6pm
• Royal Military College Thursday 21 March at 6pm
• General careers information sessions Thursday 11 April and Wednesday 22 May at 6pm.

There are many very interesting and well paid careers at all levels and occupations including 12 month programs which have replaced the GAP Year. ADFA candidates should apply in Year 11 when they turn 16. Any Year 12 students considering ADFA and who have not already done so should be applying right now.

There are wonderful opportunities for women in the ADF and preferential arrangements for General Entry into the Army. Girls in Senior School considering the ADF for their future career would be well advised to talk to the recruiting staff about this.

Finally, I receive a quarterly newsletter from the ADF about all the news on Defence Force Recruiting. If you would like to receive this newsletter it is posted on Moodle or contact Mrs Ferris and I will pass it on to you. Anyone considering the ADF as a career should be receiving this very informative and helpful resource.

Showcase for Year 12s

Next Friday 8 March, all Year 12 students will be walking across to the Beerwah State High School. Beerwah High have kindly invited us to attend the Uni Showcase. Showcase is a travelling exhibit organized by Uni of Sunshine Coast involving 11 different Tertiary Institutions, the Defence Force and TAFE. Students also receive excellent advice on such things as QTAC applications and Uni life. Students will leave the College on foot on Friday 8 March at 11.30am and be back at the College by lunchtime.

ENERGEX is inviting applications for its first Electrical apprenticeship intake for 2013. ENERGEX apprentices enjoy some great benefits including paid training, a nine-day fortnight and uniforms and tools are provided. Apprentices receive all the support needed to succeed and excellent career opportunities for the future. Applicants must be aged 17 or over before the start date of the apprenticeship and have completed Year 12 with a pass in Maths and English. Applicants will also need a current open or provisional manual ‘C’ class driver’s licence. Applications close: 8 March 2013. To apply visit: http://careers.energex.com.au/

Joan Ferris Future Pathways Coordinator joan.ferris@glasshouse.qld.edu.au

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