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Fun Filled Days Out to Celebrate Lapathon Wins

  • December 2, 2014

Year 1M and Year 6M were treated to a whole day out of school having fun with friends organised by Mrs Stott. The Lapathon Outings were the reward for these two classes winning the Junior and Senior Lapathon Challenge earlier in the year.

1M were all very excited as they headed off in the college bus towards Caloundra. The first stop was Bells Reach Park with all kinds of climbing challenges and two very fast zoomy slides. Children, teachers and parents also loved playing at this park! After morning tea the class piled back into the bus and headed for Chip Munks Play Centre. It was awesome to see the huge smiles as everyone explored and played for almost two hours. Chappy Dan joined the fun and played tiggy, collected ammo and slid down slides until we wondered who was having the most fun!! – the children or Dan??? Hot and sweaty, we all headed to Kings Beach for a BBQ and cool off in the fountains.

To warm up again the students played some Cricket and Frisbee in the park but soon had to head back to GCCC. They were all really tired but had had an awesome day of fun and adventure.

The 6M class were amazed at the beauty of the beach and colour of the sea from the lookout at Point Cartwright as they walked around the head land. Many students had not been here before so it was awesome to show them this beautiful spot on the coast. After rolling down the hill and climbing up again several times, the class walked along the beach and out to the breakwater where we saw a turtle and small sharks swimming. After a treasure hunt and morning tea we all flooded onto the bus and headed for Laser Zone. Excitement was high as the class headed into each of the three games eager to score points by shooting the oppositions light pack and at the same time avoid being targeted. Mr Rogers was particularly sneaky and popped out when least expected to target the opposition.

Mr Stott had BBQ sausages ready at Kings Beach on our arrival and then we all enjoyed a splash in the fountain and a swim in the pool to cool off. Everyone had a great day and really enjoyed having fun with class mates as the term draws to a close. All the effort made running as many laps as possible was all worth it!!

All the parents who came on these two outings were fantastic and almost had as much fun as the students! We thank you for your help on this day and also help with sport throughout the year.

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