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“Friends, Romans…. Restaurant!”

  • April 30, 2014

Just as the Ancient Greeks and Romans would seek entertainment and intellectual stimulation by visiting the city and enjoying a lecture from a great philosopher or intellectual of the time, recently, Year 11 and 12 Ancient History students spent a day at the University of Queensland experiencing a Greco-Roman Lecture.


Hearing from Dr. Davenport and Stevenson, historians and lecturers at the university, they explored the interpretation of Greek sources and the ways in which the ancients, much like ourselves, used monuments and architecture to promote their own socio-political views. After a short wander around the university campus (dreaming of their futures), the students considered the role of the Roman Emperors and the way the everyday Romans, also just like us, struggled with how much power to give their political leaders.


For the pi’ece de r’esistance, the Ancient History students moved from the ancient Greek and Roman worlds back into the contemporary world with a visit to South Bank and a modern, Greek restaurant for a relaxed lunch. From pizza to fish, a truly Greek cultural experience was had by all.



Amanda Gook, Ancient History Teacher

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