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French Theatre Cultural Infusion

  • April 30, 2014

A French Theatre group Cultural Infusion will be coming to the school to bring our Year 7 and 8 students some French culture. There is no cost to parents for this incursion and all Year 7 and 8 students can attend.

Date: Monday 19 May

Time: 2.00-2.50pm at the Chapel on School Campus


Vive La France takes a humorous look at some of the events and people that have come to typify France’s great culture.

We will meet two soldiers; English and French, who attempt to find a way out of the 100 years war and Monsieur Guillotine, who attempts to persuade the world of the effectiveness of his new punishment device.

We will journey through the French Revolution, inside the Moulin Rouge, meeting  historical icons like Marie-Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Louis XVI and even delve into the heart of Napoleon’s short-man syndrome.

Through a series of skits and sketches, the students will be immersed in France’s history.

This incursion will help students to:

  • develop intercultural knowledge and language awareness
  • develop an understanding of some of the differences in how people eat and dress, sign and gesture and say things
  • identify a cultural icon, geographic feature, famous building or cultural practice
  • inspire interest in and respect for other cultures


We hope that the students enjoy this experience and that it inspires them in their French studies.


Lee-anne Gordon, Secondary French Teacher



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