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Field trip to learn about Artificial Insemination

  • November 4, 2014


Last term saw the Agricultural Science students delving into the theoretical aspects of reproductive anatomy and backing this up with the dissection of a piglet to identify key organs. Last week the students got the opportunity to gain understanding of the practical application of their knowledge when witnessing Artificial Insemination (AI) of stud heifers at Mr and Mrs John and Nerida Allen’s property.

Mr Steve Mallet talked the students through the AI process highlighting how an in-depth understanding of the reproductive cycle and associated hormones was the key to a successful AI program. Furthermore, students were able to view all of the equipment and specific storage requirements for appropriate quality control. Overall, this field trip greatly enhanced the students knowledge and understanding, providing an invaluable connection between theory and practice.

GCCC Agriculture would like to extend a massive thanks to Mr and Mrs John and Nerida Allen and Mr Steve Mallet for this wonderful opportunity.

Jade King, Agricultural Science Teacher

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