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Farm and Feed Day Finale!

  • April 30, 2014

Ag Science finished Term 1 by hosting a “Farm and Feed Day”.  It was an exciting opportunity to showcase the farm and give thanks to so many people who have helped, encouraged and worked to get this amazing new venture off the ground.  It really has been an ‘Agventure’!

The “Farm and Food Day” began at midday, 2 April with the arrival of our special guests – local farmers, school and business representatives and parents of our Ag Science students.  After an amazing BBQ lunch which included steak and sausages from the farm’s cattle and other fresh vegetable produce from the farm, the students each led small groups of visitors on an informative tour of the farm.  The tour showcased plots of pineapples, cabbages, strawberries and ginger; the U.Q. sunflower competition; and the wonderful Wessex Saddleback pigs and Red Brangus beef cattle.

Finally the “Farm & Food Day” finished with afternoon tea baked by Julie Peters and her wonderful hospitality team.  The students did a fantastic job of planning, preparing, providing, presenting, and packing up!  All thoroughly enjoyed this latest chapter of the G.C.C.C. ‘Agventure’.  Looking forward to what this new term has in store!

 Jade King and Nerida Allen

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