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Koastal Plumbing and Gas

Kym has been in the plumbing and gas industry for 30 years and has a vast knowledge of all plumbing and gas products, servicing, repairs, installations, new homes – both commercial, industrial and domestic. He also works in aged care and hospitals, putting systems in place for the purposes of legionella.

Kym covers all areas of Qld, including into NSW, Vic and SA and has the approach that nothing is too hard and there is always a way to solve a problem and come out with a cost-effective solution. He believes that Koastal Plumbing and Gas is a unique company as God is the centre and main driver of the business. His son, Kyle (a student at Glasshouse Christian College) also works with him as an apprentice. With Kyle’s tenacity, drive and humour he blends in well to the business and is becoming a valued asset to Koastal Plumbing and Gas.

Koastal Plumbing and Gas looks forward to hearing from you as this is just a snippet of what they do.

Location: Elimbah
Phone: 0418 314 023
Email: kym@koastalplumbing.com.au

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