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Family cricket on the move

  • March 18, 2020

With the upcoming school holidays, quite a few of you may be doing road trips so our Bus Driver Winston Broad wanted to share a game he invented when his children were little.

Everyone can play… with help for the youngest. Here are the rules:

Bat, in turn, keeping the same order.
Count only vehicles on the roadway travelling towards you – not parked. 
Score 1 for every car, ute and 4WD; 
Score 2 for caravans; 
Score 3 for motorbikes; 
Score 4 for trucks; 
Score 6 for semis, Volkswagons and trucks with dog trailers.
RED VEHICLE – You’re OUT… next batter! 

The highest score for that trip wins.

Remember to be nice so the Fruit of the Spirit shows up in real family life!

Winston Broad, Bus Driver

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