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  • August 1, 2018

Pastor’s Pen

It’s been an incredible start to the term with sports days where we were blessed with beautiful weather and then camps with Year 7 and Year 9 away, exploring the city and bush respectively. These are always great days and times to enjoy the world we live in, grow new friendships, explore the spiritual and see that we are part of a bigger picture.

At Chapel this past week in secondary we started a series called “Faith in Action” where we are looking at heroes of the faith and exploring how we can be heroes too. Each Chapel we will be discovering little known heroes who made a difference in the world by trusting in God and using the gifts he had given them. We learnt about an English lady who bravely went to China during the war and saved many children from slavery. Then we heard from Destiny Rescue’s Nerilee and Ella who told accounts of children being rescued today in countries close to Australia.

Our Faith and Community team had developed pledge cards and every student was challenged to Destiny Rescuesee if we could pledge a donation to raise $1500 to rescue one young girl from sex slavery. It was an exciting moment as the cards were added up and we discovered that across Middle and Senior Chapels we had pledged enough to rescue two young lives! Amazing generosity from our big-hearted students and staff.

Sometimes we don’t think we can make a difference in the world but together we can. The money will be brought in by the end of the week and presented to Destiny Rescue Staff. It will pay for the rescue, rehabilitation, counselling and training for those two young girls so they can reclaim their lives. We prayed for safety for the rescue team and for those two lives that God will release them from their pain and trauma physically and emotionally so they can live the lives God desires for them.

It appears we have started a snowball effect because Destiny Rescue now wishes to use the pledge cards in other schools to save more young lives.

We all have the power to be heroes and putting our Faith into Action does make a difference in the world. Perhaps you would like to support Destiny Rescue in some way. Check out their website for more information:
Have a blessed week as you look for ways to bless others.
Pastor Fi and the team
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