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Expecting the Unexpected

  • July 16, 2020

Expecting the Unexpected

There is an age-old motto that says, “expect the unexpected”. If ever there was a motto for 2020 (besides “wash your hands”) then this is it. This whole year has been quite unexpected, so it is the theme of my first blog for Term 3, 2020.

No one, with the possible exception of Bill Gates who talked about it in a Ted Talk in 2015,  was expecting the huge changes in 2020 and it has required a lot of perseverance, patience and flexibility from everyone. 

Thanks to all of our parents who have been flexible and coped with the sometimes sudden changes we’ve had to make. Just before the school holidays, we thought Term 3 was going to be almost back to normal. We took down the signs that said “No parents on campus” and thought we would be welcoming back on site our many valued volunteers. Unfortunately, we’ve had to put the signs back up and have to make do without our volunteers for some time yet. We should have expected the unexpected!

I want to tell you about one exciting thing you can expect and one disappointing item that is unexpected and also unacceptable. 

GCC’s brand new website

Expect a new GCC website!

This week we launched our new website for Glasshouse Christian College. It has been a few years since our last ‘refresh’ and this website has taken almost a year of planning to launch this week. 

Unlike the last refresh, this website has a whole different look and purpose. Now that we have Gateway as our communication and information tool, the GCC website will no longer have parent notices as it is targeted towards future families rather than current ones. 

The GCC app

If you were in the habit of going to the website for information, please remember to use Gateway instead. We will still have our news articles on the website and each week we will send you the link to recent stories and events through the Gateway app. Now, more than ever before, it is essential for parents to download the Gateway app so they don’t miss out on important information.  

If you want to take a tour through our new website, you can see it here: Glasshouse Christian College’s new website

An unexpected letter from a Beerwah High School student

A concerned student from Beerwah High sent me this letter recently. The student gave her name but I’ve removed it to protect her privacy.

Hi, I go to Beerwah State High School and I am in year 7.
I ride my bike twice a day on Roberts Road past Glass House Christian College. Many times I have nearly been hit by cars travelling into and out of GCC failing to give way to pedestrians and cyclists.
Also, at the zebra crossing near the swimming pool drivers are failing to give way to pedestrians and cyclists with many near-crashes.
I think the education of drivers would help improve the safety of students. I suggest that you put something in the school newsletter about the correct road rules.
Here are the Queensland road rules relating to pedestrians and zebra crossing that I have researched:

1.    Give way to pedestrians on or entering pedestrian or marked foot crossings. The Queensland rule book states that you must give way to pedestrians who are within 2 meters each side of the crossing as well as those currently crossing the road even if they aren’t on your side of the road 
2.    Travel at a speed allowing you to stop safely at a crossing if needed
3.    Do not overtake any vehicle that is stopping or has stopped at a crossing
4.    You must not park on or within 20 metres before or 10 metres after, a children’s crossing. 
5.    You must give way to all other vehicles and signal for at least 5 seconds when you drive on to the road from a parked position on the side of the road or in a median strip
6.    When you are entering or leaving a road from private property or a driveway, you must give way to pedestrians or bicycle riders on the footpath or road

I believe that driver education is the key to have safer roads around schools. 
Thank you, (name withheld by GCC).

My understanding is that she also sent this email to the Beerwah High School Principal as well so she is not singling out our parents as wholly to blame. Nevertheless, it is a good reminder that a tragedy always comes unexpectedly and we must be ever vigilant. 

Expectations about the future

Finally, I want to leave you with an appropriate verse from the Bible. Proverbs 27:1 says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” 

It is human nature to plan ahead and want to know what the next day holds. This verse is not saying we shouldn’t plan but it is warning us that only God knows the future. We need to hold our plans lightly, knowing God is in control. 

Mike Curtis, Principal

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