Emily into Regional Team after Two Huge Days of Football - Glasshouse Christian College

Emily into Regional Team after Two Huge Days of Football

  • May 26, 2014

GCCC was well represented at the Sunshine Coast Regional Football Championships with five students playing six games of football during the two day carnival as members of the Glasshouse District teams. There were some blisters and sore legs after the competition but these students played really well and were important players in their teams.

The highlight of the carnival was that Emily Roach was selected into the Sunshine Coast Girls’ team. She will train with the team over the coming months and then travel to Mt Isa to play in the Queensland State Championships in Term 3. This is a great achievement for Emily as she is still only 11 years old and is eligible again next year also.

Sophie Trevan played an important defensive role in the team and Maya Amendolia was tenacious all over the field. Bakani Kombanie was a dynamo on the wing in the boys, team, often dribbling through the opposition. Declan Martin also played strongly as an attacking midfielder and put some great balls through to strikers and also had some shots himself.

All five students really enjoyed being part of these teams, learned lots and showed great sportsmanship on and off the field.

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