What's happening this Easter at Glasshouse Christian College

What’s happening this Easter

  • March 28, 2018

What’s happening this Easter

We’ve come to an exciting time of the year – the first holidays of 2018 since school began. I hope you are all looking forward to extra time with the family over the Easter holidays and not having to pack those school lunches in the morning.

Over the break I am looking forward to seeing the construction work begin on our Music Block and Sports Centre. Hopefully the weather will be fine and good progress can be made.

Please remember that the construction will result in changes to our traffic flow as I mentioned in my last blog. I’ve been closely monitoring the Kiss and Go outside N Block and also looking at other ways to improve the pick up and drop off procedures for our families during this time.

The Kiss and Go outside N Block has dramatically improved since the change of keeping it closed until 2:55pm so thank you for your cooperation with this. Just a reminder that the maximum waiting time is two minutes so arriving early will just mean you have to leave and do a loop along Roberts Road before coming back and trying again.

Some of you may not be aware but there is a two minute parking lane that will fit about five cars in it on Roberts Road just East of the current entrance. I have been observing the flow over the last few days and this works well. This may be a pick up and drop off point you might consider using. Remember you are not to park in that area for longer than two minutes after 2:15pm. Similarly to the Eastern Kiss and Go make sure that you close as much of the gap between you and the car in front before your children get into the car so that other motorists can use this lane.

I understand that the change to the traffic flow and ring road may be frustrating at times and encourage all parents and caregivers to model good behaviour to their children during this time. Every one of our G.R.E.A.T. core values is applicable in this situation so it is an ideal teaching time. Practice Godliness with grace towards other drivers, Respect the traffic rules, be Excellent to each other, exhibit a positive Attitude about the changes and stay Teachable at all times.

More than a school holiday

These holidays are more than just a time to go camping, sleep in or visit the beach. The first few Easterdays of the holiday celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrated the event in a special whole of College service on Thursday 29 March and I hope you make the opportunity to celebrate as a family. Churches all over the world will be holding a special service on Good Friday and another on Sunday so no matter where you are holidaying, there will be an opportunity to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for you and me at this time.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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