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Drama students historical excursion

  • March 4, 2015

The year 12 Drama students are currently studying the Australian Gothic Theatre play ‘The Mayne Inheritance’ based loosely on real people, the Mayne Family, who were great benefactors of University of Queensland and Brisbane during the last century.
On Tuesday 17 February Year 12 travelled to Brisbane to see sites associated with the Mayne Family. These included the Brisbane Royal Hospital, the Medical Teaching Hospital, the University of Queensland grounds, historical Toowong Cemetery where the Mayne family is buried and lastly, Morrlands House, built in what is now part of the grounds of Wesley Hospital where the family lived until 1939. At Moorlands we were given a guided tour of the old house including Isaac’s room not normally shown to visitors, and told the true facts of the story.

The students were very interested in seeing where the real people who formed the characters lived, worked and now rest, especially as they were based on real people. The students gained greater understanding of life in the 1800’s and will be performing sections from the play shortly for assessment.

Stacey Whyte, Head of Performing Arts

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