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Library News Term 2 Week 3

  • May 9, 2019

Library News Term 2 Week 3

The Scholastic Book Club Issue 3 focussed on the importance of reading with the claim that ‘10 MINUTES OF READING A DAY WILL CHANGE YOUR CHILD’S LIFE.’ While that may seem like a big statement to make, numerous studies have consistently shown that 10 minutes exposure to reading materials each day is all it takes to positively shape your child’s future. And this doesn’t just include complicated educational texts—any reading materials, be it picture books, comic books, novels, recipes, the television guide or the back of food packets—all count towards your child’s daily reading goal. Reading any of these materials for 10 minutes a day exposes your child to more than 600,000 words in one year— interestingly, that’s more than double the word exposure of a child who only reads for five minutes or less each day. The benefit of this word exposure is immense—research shows us that reading more improves a child’s performance in general knowledge, vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency and spelling. But this goal of reading for 10 minutes each day isn’t only to improve your child’s academic success; the effects of this achievement are far more long-term than you may have anticipated. Frequent reading also improves a child’s empathy and emotional intelligence, allowing them to better understand people and the world around them, which is especially important in today’s connected world. Imagine the benefits of doubling this to 20 minutes reading per day as often required for school home reading!

To support this vital message students are invited to take part in the ‘Reading Gives you Superpowers’ Competition. To enter students create their own Dog Man graphic story inspired by the series written by Dav Pilkey. The team at Scholastic have added the first panel of the story and students need to complete the next 7 frames to finish it. Entry forms are available at the library. Ten lucky winners could win a $100 Book Club voucher for their classroom library and the grand prize winner will have their artwork appear in Book Club Issue 6, 2019. Visit for entry details and Terms & Conditions.


We are thrilled to announce the theme for the CBCA Book Week 2019 is Reading is My Secret Power. Book Week will run in Term 3, Week 5, from Monday 19 August to Friday 23 August and will include our annual Scholastic Book Fair in the library. Stay tuned for further details at the end of the term.

Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services

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