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Dodging the Raindrops at the Lapathon Relay Challenge!

  • May 14, 2014

As part of the Lapathon Challenge the Year 3 – 6 classes took on each other head to head in a relay race. Each class formed as many teams of three people as possible and ran around the oval for 30 minutes accumulating as many laps as possible for their team and their class. The rain mostly held off but kept the runners cool and feeling refreshed throughout – although they still managed to work up a sweat!

Tactics were very interesting as some teams choose to have one runner run at a time sprinting each lap while other teams all ran until a rest was needed. Most teams seemed to opt for two members running while one team member rested. The number of laps run by all teams in each class was totalled and this score was added to the Lapathon total score.

Going into the Lapathon Relay Mr Rogers’ Year 6M class held a lead on the other classes and the challenge was to beat them! Mrs Jen’s class took this as a very serious challenge and rose to the occasion during the relay. Her class not only had the highest scoring team of three in the Year 5 and 6 division, but also pipped 6M by 4 laps in total, running a massive 277 laps in just 30 minutes. That is equivalent to 83km run by 6G!

In the Year 3 and 4 division of the Lapathon Relay Challenge it was Year 3M who clocked up the greatest number of laps of the day, running a massive 303 laps or 91km! The most amazing performance of the morning was the outstanding effort of three young Year 3boys. Jack Lecky, Macauley King and Michael Newell ran more laps that any team of long legged Year 6 students. These three boys ran 53 laps (or 16 km) in 30 minutes which was an outstanding effort by their team.

In total, in 30 minutes the Year 3-6 students ran a combined total of 2320 laps of the oval which is a combined total of 696km! Wow can these students run! How fit we have become!

We now look forward to finding out which Junior and Senior classes have become the 2014 Lapathon Challenge winners. This will revealed in an upcoming assembly.

 Lapathon Relay Team WinnersNo of laps
Year 33W Jack Lecky, Michael Newell, Macauley King53
Year 44M  Ethan Mouatt, Lincoln McKenzie, Corey BullardMason White, Daniel Coumi, Joshua Collins35
Year 55M Cassidy Ferris, Declan Martin, Kiana Reeves44
Year 66G Travis Kuijpers-Weeks, Miller Wilson-Ratz, Aiden McKellar47
Yr 3 & 43M  Champion Lapathon Relay Yr 3 & 4 Class303
Yr 5 & 66G  Champion Lapathon Relay Yr 5 & 6 Class277
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