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Divine Appointments

  • June 20, 2024

Divine Appointments

‘I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, even just for a minute, it is a divine appointment.’

Wess Stafford

This insightful and penetrating quote by Wess articulates the cry God placed on my heart many years ago. It has led my prayer life and acknowledgement that each
minute with a person is an opportunity to be the love of God in a way that is needed for them. It requires a heartfelt intention and a willingness to truly see people through God’s eyes.

This last term I have had the privilege of filling in for the lovely Pastor Donna. It is incredibly hard to summarise the beauty of this term, but if I pull it all back, this
opportunity allowed so many minutes Wess describes.

We all long to be loved, and to crave connection so we are seen, heard, known, valued and loved…we are created that way. Truth be told, to be vulnerable, I am
actually quite shy. I have worked in Primary for many years, so to jump back into the land of teenagers was quite intimidating. I found my first few weeks stretched me in
my comfort zone, but God gently reminded me about the importance of connection. He showed me the cry of students’ hearts, and I had this tiny window in life to show others what being loved by Him in true freedom feels like. It required me to turn my focus outward, have confidence in my giftings, and most importantly in Him.

The world of teenagers seems to be complex, but I feel it can be simplified. Whilst many present with a wall of protection up, they, like us, long to be seen. They long for
connection. It only takes a moment of timely intention, knowing that in just a minute you can impact a life. When times are tough for them it is an added opportunity to
meet them where they are at. It’s sitting, listening, validating, and crying with them. Then from there we prepare their hearts for the journey up and out of the situation
with them leading the way.

Working in Primary in Learning Support I found that all behaviour is communication. When we are blessed with time with that student, and the opportunity to pray, we can be led to the root of what is going on for them. The same pattern followed in secondary. The gift of being a Pastor is the gift of time with a student, and it’s priceless! This last term it has been the greatest privilege to have this time to love on students and show that God’s love doesn’t change according to their choices or behaviour.

Some students might feel the pressure to be perfect to be loved, for some, their choices are incomprehensible to us. These students are all still young and are often incapable of communicating their needs healthily. I found sitting and reminding students of a love that never wavers, never judges, and can be trusted is a key for this divine
appointment. It’s breathtaking to watch a student who is so downcast be reminded of the bigger picture and to connect with them according to who they are created to be,
not the choice they have made. Every person’s place in the world is valuable, so when life gets rocky, it’s important to keep our eyes focused on that horizon.

From all this, we’re reminded that when a child stands before you, it’s a divine appointment, even if it’s just for one minute.

To finish, I’d like to thank Mike for trusting me with such an important role in the lives of students. I have grown in the most beautiful way and have learnt just as much
from them as I hope they have from me. To the phenomenally talented pastors, I journeyed this term with…I pray that when you get to heaven, you will see the fruit of all
these divine minutes that you abundantly pour out with your time and love. You are each a treasured gift, and you give without measure.

Shannon Harrison, Secondary College Pastor

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