District Swim Team Gains Second Place - Glasshouse Christian College

District Swim Team Gains Second Place

  • March 4, 2015


There were some great performances by our swimmers at the Glasshouse District Swimming Carnival last week. Students were keen to compete after the carnival  was postponed twice and the level of competition was high. The team gained some great final placings and earned enough points to place second overall behind St Michael’s for the second year running.

Caitlin Moore left other 11 year old girls in her wake as she powered through to win all her 11 year old races very convincingly. Molly McCaughey also swam really well placing second or third to Caitlin in the backstroke and freestyle events. Caitlin was awarded Age Champion and Molly was Runner Up.

Joshua Moore and Jaymes Roser also dominated their 9 year old races with Josh winning Backstroke and Freestyle and Jaymes winning Butterfly. They pushed each other all the way producing spectacular finishes in every race. Joshua won the title of Age Champion and Jaymes was Runner Up.

Several other students gained placings and everyone swam their absolute best. Students supported each other, cheering from poolside and celebrating as ribbons were presented. We were very proud of everyone especially the nine year old students who competed in their very first District competition.

Congratulations go to Caitlin Moore, Molly McCaughey and Cassidy Ferris who were selected to represent our Glasshouse District at the Sunshine Coast Regional Carnival.

Placings gained:
Joshua Moore – 9 years 1st Backstroke, 1st Freestyle (record), 3rd Breaststroke, 1st Butterfly
Jaymes Roser – 9 years 3rd Backstroke, 2nd Freestlye, 2nd Breaststroke, 2nd Butterfly
Olivia McKenzie – 9 years 2nd Breaststroke
Amy Trevan – 10 years 3rd Freestyle
Ella Childs – 10 years 3rd Individual Medley
Joshua Collins – 11 years 3rd Freestyle, 1st Breaststroke
Cailtin Moore – 11 years 1st Backstroke, 1st Freestyle, 1st Breaststroke, 1st Butterfly, 1st Individual Medley
Molly McCaughey – 11 years 2nd Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle, 1st Breaststroke, 3rd Butterfly, 2nd Individual Medley
Ellie Thompson – 12 years 3rd Freestyle

Wendy Stott 

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