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District Softball

  • March 27, 2013

Year 6 Boys in District Softball Final

After many enthusiastic practice sessions the Year 6 Boys Softball team have proved that practise counts when they finished second in the District Interschool Sport Softball competition. Defeated by a more experienced St Michael’s team the boys were disappointed that the rain fell and the game was stopped after the first innings as they were only just behind on the score sheet.

There was some awesome pitching by Ronan Martin, Connor Anderson and Hamish White which kept the opposition scores low and the boys batting and base running resulted in many victories throughout the two week competition. St Michael’s College were the only team to beat them.

Year 6 Girls Softball Competition

The Year 6 girls also competed really well with several inexperienced Year 6 and 7 players joining a committed core of Year 6 players. The girls scored three wins, two draws and just two losses throughout the competition which was a great achievement.

Tara Fissenden, Chelsea McLeary and Maddy Malone pitched well, Holly Lubcke excelled on base 1 and Amber Weatherburn bravely put her body on the line as catcher and hit many balls way out into the outfield. Shaelee Burton was also a very reliable member of the team playing in a variety of positions.

The Year 7 teams had a mixture of wins and losses but could only play the first week of competition due to the Year 7 trip to Canberra during the second week of the softball competition. The Year 7 girls had a convincing win against Beerwah and the boys had a win against Beerwah and a draw with Maleny.

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