Dance Show - Glasshouse Christian College

Dance Show

  • May 30, 2022

Dance Show

Glasshouse Christian College is pleased to present a mid-year Dance Showcase that highlights the incredible talent of our Primary and Secondary Dance Troupes and all of those students working at their dance skills within the Dance Academy. It’s a fun and colourful show which offers our young students the opportunity to build on their confidence and presentation to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience. 

Dance is an important part of Glasshouse Christian College and with our new state of the art facilities, we now offer a professional and creative curricular and ex-curricular dance program to all of our young groovers.

We have around 80 students who would love to perform to a full house so please come along to support our dancing divas for a free night of entertainment, sparkle and music.

Tickets are at no cost, however, you will need to book a seat through our booking system

We hope to see you there.

Tammy McClintock, Dance Academy Coordinator

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