Congratulations Andrea Little - Glasshouse Christian College

Congratulations Andrea Little

  • August 21, 2013
Andrea Little took out a slew of places and prizes at a recent music competition.

Flute eisteddfod

3rd 14yrs Woodwind Solo

3rd with a $20 prize-14yrs and under Brass and Woodwind Solo Championship


Singing eisteddfod

2nd 14 years Age Set Piece: A Change In Me from Beauty and the Beast

1st 14 and 15 years Sacred and Gospel: Not a Sparrow Falleth

1st 14 years Music Theatre: Without You from My Fair Lady

2nd14 years Contemporary: Hey Soul Sister

2nd with a $40 prize-14 years and under Championship: The Black Swan from Menotti’s “Medium” and The Fly.


There was also a bonus prize of $100 from the Music Teachers Association Queensland Bursary, for the 14 and 15 years, for those who placed in the Age Set Piece, Sacred and Gospel and Music Theatre. Andrea Little was fortunate enough to get the prize. She was extremely excited about getting it even though she didn’t know the prize existed until just before she went to do her Championship Piece.

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