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Compassion spotlight

  • February 24, 2022

Compassion spotlight

Kamusta! Meet our Compassion sponsor children for 2022! Arheanna (Prep), Migz (Year 1), Rhyver (Year 2), Anasandra (Year 3), Jerry (Year 4), Prince (Year 5), Jeanine (Year 6), Christina and Sylwin (Middle School). They are all from the Philippines, most from the island of Cebu, with one living on the island of Leyte.

Every week in chapels and assemblies we collect money from their classes and we encourage our students to look for ways to help out around the house in exchange for coins to bring in. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for partnering with us to support our Compassion friends!

As well as being given the fantastic opportunity to support children living in poverty, we are also able to write and receive letters and build a friendship with someone in a whole other part of the world! Through the letters we have received from our sponsor children, we have learned more about their families, employment opportunities in their community, what their schooling and life is like in the Philippines. I believe that by being involved with sponsoring children our students are able to broaden their minds and develop empathy and compassion.

Would you like to learn some Filipino? In assembly this week we learned these words:

Kamusta – Hello
Kamusta ka? – How are you?
Salamat – Thank you
Paalam – Goodbye
Oo – Yes
Hindi – No

Check out our Compassion friends’ photos at the Pastors’ Lifehouse hub!

Jocelyn Carolissen, College Pastor

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