Commonwealth Banking Program - Glasshouse Christian College

Commonwealth Banking Program

  • March 18, 2015

The Commonwealth School Banking Program was introduced into Glasshouse Christian College during 2014 and we raised over $2000 last year.

The monies raised through the program last year will be donated to Isiseko Day Care Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.  They currently run the day care centre in a make-shift shack and the government will not provide them with any funding because they do not operate from a proper “building”.  These funds will go towards their construction project to build suitable premises to operate their day care centre from.  If you would like any further information on Isiseko Day Care Centre, please go to

The school receives 5% in commission from the Commonwealth Bank for the total monies deposited through the school banking program, as well as a $5 once off fee for each first deposit made into a new account through the school banking program.

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to get involved and discover the importance of saving money and setting their own personal financial goals to save towards.

Our School Banking Day is a Wednesday, so each child would need to bring their bank deposit book along with their monies they wish to be deposited on that day and hand it to their class teacher.

Amanda Turner

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