Colonial Day at GCCC - Glasshouse Christian College

Colonial Day at GCCC

  • March 18, 2015

On the 2/3/2015 a very funny man came to our Year 5 classroom and told us about things that happened in the 1800s which were colonial days. He talked to us about the jobs that would have to be done like sheep shearing, work on the farm and lots of other jobs. He also said that you would get one dollar for everything you did like for shearing one sheep. I loved it when he put on all different hats and talked in different accents. I liked it when he got up and sang lots of different songs.  He asked people to get up and help him. Everyone else who was sitting down got to join in as well. We sang three different songs. He made people come out the front and dress up and act out as other characters. He told us a lot about the colonial days. He did a great job and made everyone laugh.

By Charlotte Coops


We had a colonial day to learn about when the First Fleet came and made a settlement in our country, Australia. They carried convicts on board different ships, for example The Scarborough. The captain on the ship was given an average amount of food, which is very interesting. There were eleven ships that carried government officials, convicts, food and military supplies for the settlement that was going to happen. There were maids, captains and sailors. For the first time the British fag was raised in Sydney Cove and Arthur Phillip was ordered to take control of the colony. They used the convicts to form the colony that made roads, houses and shops. If one of the convicts did something bad they will get hanged or get 300 lashes until near death occurred. Once their sentence was served they had other jobs.  Many people worked in the wool industry.  They were given a dollar per sheep they sheared. It must have been horrible back in those days. Others found their wealth by digging for gold in the Gold Rush in Victoria.   We learned a lot about our history.  It was a great day and lots of fun.

By Daemon Cruise


At Glasshouse Christian College colonial day both the Year 5 classes dressed as convicts, captains or maids. When Mr Gafe came in everyone got really exited. He set up his props and got everything ready. Then the show began. We had our colonial day at GCCC to learn about what life was back then and what harsh punishments could be. We learnt how our country became wealthy.  A couple of people in the audience got selected to act out scenes. They acted out parts that told you about work, and also some about Australian heroes. Those who acted also got the pleasure to perform songs. At the same time our classes actually had a bit of job experience! Our classes learnt how to shear sheep! Our classes now know how unfair work could be. Everyone learnt that life could really be unfair and hard back then.

By Mason White

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