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Coding fun

  • September 10, 2020

Coding fun

This term our Prep and Year 3 students have been busy coding and creating in their iDiscover library lessons. The Preps have created interactive stories by exploring the characters, backgrounds and blocks in the Scratch Junior App. Year 3 students have used Scratch and Makey Makeys to create digital, interactive versions of cinquain poems, exploring the world of coding and circuits. We have been so impressed with the students’ progress and their eagerness to design and create, resulting in amazing projects, with lots of fun along the way.

Coding is becoming an essential skill in our rapidly changing world, strengthening students’ problem solving skills, encouraging critical and creative thinking. The Scratch platforms are both free and are worth investigating if you’re looking for an alternative to screen time or a school holiday activity. Scratch includes a range of tutorials that progress from simple to more challenging tasks that encourage self-paced learning and video examples. 

Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services

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