Christien Festa's visit to GCCC - Glasshouse Christian College

Christien Festa’s visit to GCCC

  • June 10, 2014

Christien Festa has been a true inspiration to us all.  His ongoing recovery from his motocross accident in February has placed in his path many obstacles and he has shown true strength, courage and determination as he progresses on his road to recovery.

On Tuesday 3 June, Christien,  together with his parents,  attended  our assembly.   Mr and Mrs Festa shared with us some of Christien’s journey. They spoke of the highs and the lows but most importantly of their unwavering hope and faith.

The Year 12 cohort were then given the opportunity to have a very heartwarming reunion with Christien.  We shared much laughter, tears, high-fives and hugs.  Christien talked and shared jokes and even discussed his future plans and dreams.  The whole experience was very uplifting and emotional.

During the visit we were able to present the moneys raised from the wristband sales and donations received.

Courtney Sinclair, College Captain

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