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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • June 9, 2022

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

My expectations were high for GCC’s first musical in GPAC but the performance exceeded all of them. 

Students and staff overcame a late start to the year and multiple cancelled practices due to weather and sickness and yet they still delivered a professional and thoroughly entertaining performance.

A special congratulations to Eden Foster, our youngest cast member with a leading role and an enormous amount of lines and songs to perform as Charlie Bucket. Willy Wonka was played admirably by Charlie Fishwick who surprised me with a singing voice as velvety as his purple jacket! Beau Doneathy threatened to upstage everyone with his wonderful physical comedy and witty antics as Grandpa Joe. 

Olivia Ellis did a beautiful job as the kind and long-suffering Mrs Bucket, catering to every need of the three other bed-ridden parents and in-laws played perfectly by Brianna Carrinton, Emily Hall and Thomas O’Donnell. 

Ryan Stead and Isabella Brewster had us laughing in our seats as they portrayed Augustus and Mrs Gloop with great humour and sparkle! Harrison Rosenberg was the ever-indulgent Mr Salt to Veruca’s (Chelsea Lewis) insistent demands which she shrieked like a banshee while dancing like a ballerina.

Adelie Tomokino was Mr Beauregarde, the frantic bulldozer parent of the limelight-seeking, Violet, played by Madeleine Mullins. This duo’s acting was so good that there was an audible gasp from some young members of the audience when they realised that poor Violet was dismembered by squirrels.

Mrs Teavee and tech-addicted Mike Teavee was played by Calani Payton and Hudson Cameron respectively. The modern twist was done well by Calani and Hudson and they even wove several unhealthy types of addiction into their characters. 

The two reporters providing updates on the ticket winners were performed by Lize Kasselman as Cherry and Aden Draper as Jerry. Their onstage execution encapsulated TV journalism at its best.

There is nothing like a live orchestra to add the full sound to what is happening on stage and they did a magnificent job. You wouldn’t know the score was as challenging as it was because it was so expertly brought to life. 

The main characters were wonderfully supported by the ensemble cast including graceful dancers, and the very energetic Oompa Loompas who delighted the audience with their antics.

As you can imagine, such a fabulous performance was many months of hard work with most of it being behind the scenes. There was the backstage crew, front of house volunteers, costumes, hair, makeup, directing, choreography, art and set design, stage management, as well as tech and lighting support.

For all those who saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I’m sure you will agree that the performances were gold-ticket worthy. I would like to thank all the staff and students who helped make the performance such a great success. Thank you also to you our GCC Community for your excellent support.  I’m excited by the growing talent at GCC and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our brilliant students.

Mike Curtis, Principal 

GCC families can see all the wonderful photos (taken by Jordan Bull) on Pixevety in this album.

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