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  • October 23, 2013

Our Primary Chapel time was very special in Week 2. Christian children’s performer Sean W Smith came back for the third time in as many years to do a concert for our students (Years 1 -6).

“Fun, dynamic and boundless energy”, are just a few words that encapsulate one of Australia’s most loved and best-selling Christian children’s performers – Sean W Smith. Sean’s captivating songs and incredible heart for God has seen more than 200,000 children impacted for Christ across the globe. From his humble beginnings as a Primary School teacher in 2009, Sean’s God given ability to connect with children has made him one of the most sort after children and family ministers/performers in Australia.

Sean had the students (and many of our fabulous teachers) dancing and singing, jumping and grooving to the music. However, it wasn’t all noise and silly dancing. Sean puts a lot of effort into making his music fun and child friendly. He also has a great ability to take important Christian theological truths and make them simple enough for children to understand and sing along with.

Two of the favorite songs from the day were “Extraordinary” and “Creation Song”. Not only could the kids dance like superstars and act like gorillas, they also learned about how big God is and how he created the world and each of us!

The students enjoyed the concert very much and we were very pleased with the professionalism, talent and humility of Sean. We look forward to having him back again next year.

You can find out more about Sean at His CD’s can also be purchased at Koorong.


Mick Spann, Youth Pastor GCBC

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