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Chappy Chatter 1 May 2015

  • April 29, 2015

David was an achiever. His rule and reign of Israel went over pretty well most of the time. He got some nice feedback over the Goliath incident, he wrote a good chunk of what’s called the Psalms, and was described by the Lord as ‘a man after God’s own heart’ (Acts 13:22).

So there’s nothing David couldn’t do, right? Well, oddly, God specified that David wasn’t the man for the job of building His temple. Go read about it in 1 Chronicles 28:6-7. David could have piped up: ‘Actually Lord, how’d You feel about me taking this one? I mean, I’ve got the runs on the board, don’t you think it’s best if I handle this?’ But he didn’t.

David knew God better than to try to push his own plans on Him. So what about us? Well, making our own plans isn’t wrong, in fact, it’s positively good. Taking them back to God to get checked out is what makes them best. In 1 Chronicles 28:2 David gets his plan-correction from God, and in verse 20 he gives us a great example of how to handle that correction-with wisdom, grace and love.

Is God the lead-planner in your life decisions? And if you get a nudge from him to change tack, how willing are you to change? The best achievement the Bible describes is a life fully submitted to God. Got plans? For work? For time with mates? Even for the weekend? Great. Now ask God what changes He’d make, and listen out for a response. (Keep your bible open, He likes to answer with it most times.)

Bless you,
Chappy Michelle

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