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Celebrating Sarannah Leary: A Rising Star in Writing

  • September 7, 2023

Celebrating Sarannah Leary: A Rising Star in Writing

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from our school community. One of our talented Year 6 students, Sarannah Leary, has achieved an outstanding accomplishment by making it to the longlist of the prestigious Dymocks Beyond Words writing competition with her short story titled ‘Everything We’ve Ever Known’. Out of more than 3,800 entries from across Australia, only 50 primary school students secured a place on the longlist, and Sarannah is one of them!

The Dymocks Beyond Words writing competition is a highly competitive platform that attracts young writers from all corners of the country. To be among the top 50 primary school students selected is an outstanding accomplishment and something that speaks volumes about Sarannah’s abilities.

Sarannah’s journey to this remarkable achievement is a testament to her passion, dedication, and exceptional writing skills. Her submission was a thought-provoking piece that took readers on a journey with her unique voice shining through. Her story obviously captivated the judges with its creativity and originality

As Sarannah continues her journey in the Dymocks Beyond Words writing competition, we want to congratulate her on this amazing achievement. We eagerly await the final results and we are excited to see where her talent takes her next!

Read the exciting introduction to “Everything We’ve Ever Known” by Sarannah Leary

Angel tried to calm her breath as she gripped the bottle with its metallic looking contents, perched on the roof of the tall building, gazing out across the sea of neon city lights. She looked around for the weird, winged creature called a “Bird” that she had rescued from the lab she had worked as a slave for. She admired its slick wings, and its soothing song. Angel wondered how the scientist thought this beautiful creature was a failure. She realised that it needed a name. The word “name” was new to Angel, as she never had one before.

Jasmine Bautista, Primary Honours Teacher

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