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Celebrating Primary Success

  • October 12, 2022

Celebrating Primary Success

In our assembly this week we were able to celebrate a large number of primary students who have been busy challenging themselves in several gruelling competitions this semester. 

In August, a group of 28 students from Years 3 to 6 were nominated by their teachers to participate in the Prime Minister’s Spelling Beet. The Spelling Bee is an online-only competition where students compete within their year-level bracket.

Students were required to spell 30 random words under intense time pressure. The results were then ranked according to a combination of accuracy and time. Based on these results, students were then selected to move to the next round of the Spelling Bee. Following on from last year’s success, Jacob Ferrari was again successful in making it through to the State Competition, which was a great achievement.

Congratulations to all of the students who competed in the Spelling Bee this year. They have all worked very hard and should be proud of their efforts and achievement. 

A brave group of Year 5 and 6 mathematicians once again sat down for a gruelling exam. This competition challenged ten of our top mathematical problem solvers to answer thirty questions, increasing in difficulty, that had been uniquely designed by Australia’s leading educators and academics from the Australian Maths Trust. The competition attracts only Australia’s top maths students to compete against other students within their current year level.

It was a very difficult competition; however, after completing the paper, students came out of it feeling suitably challenged. It was a wonderful opportunity to be stretched in their area of passion and each student should be proud of their achievements. The participating students were; from Year 5: Sean Barrett, Allegra Cheal, Bryce Stout, Cooper Beavan. From Year 6: Jeremiah Cooper, Chloe Jarvis, Mitchell O’Shea, Micah Matthews-Frederick, Indigo Hetherington and Sam Chidgey.

Incredibly, all students achieved an award! Three of our Year 6 students achieved Proficiency level and all Year 5 students and the remaining Year 6 students gained a Credit level or above.  

In addition to these competitions, in assembly, we also celebrated the students who had participated in the ICAS competition and gained either a Participation, Credit or Merit award. Once we have received the certificates they will be handed out in class and Distinctions and High Distinction awards will be presented in our Primary Awards Ceremony later in the term.

Congratulations to all these students who have shown the confidence and bravery to stretch themselves academically and challenge their minds.

Mrs Jeanette Roach, Primary Honours Teacher

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