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WW1 and Reconciliation Week

WW1 and Reconciliation Week Humanities incursion On Wednesday of Week 6, The Year 9s had the privilege and the honour of sharing a room with Lorraine Hatton. There is nothing as powerful as receiving information from a primary source. The students are studying WW1, ensuring a deeper analysis of the different perspectives of experiences and […]

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Building a positive culture

Building Positive Culture – in the World and in our School  A few weeks ago, Middle School students enjoyed Harmony Day activities. We are blessed to have the cultural diversity represented by our students! This year some of our Middle Schoolers were able to share a small but rich and fabulous slice of their music,

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Year 9 History excursion

On Friday 27 November, the Year 9 students and their English teachers headed to Brisbane, on a quest to know more about our past, mainly our country’s involvement in the two worlds wars. Two separate sessions, hosted by The Museum of Brisbane and The Anzac Memorial Galleries, aimed to teach us about the importance of

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Middle School News

Term 4 is well underway with each week bringing a wide range of learning experiences and school milestones. Here is some information on these that have recently occurred and some important up and coming events. Book Week This week we celebrated the skill of reading with a Book Week Assembly on Tuesday. Books are a

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Middle School News – Term 3

Reports, Certificates and Parent Teacher Interviews I trust all parents were able to view their child’s report card over the past week. Please contact Secondary Admin if you need assistance with this. Congratulations and well done to students who achieved a certificate for the following this week from their Semester One reports: Academic – ‘A’

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Two events in Hospitality

Year 10 Multicultural Luncheon Year 10 selected a two-course meal for the multicultural luncheon which was an assessment task. They selected a country and then researched suitable foods that would link to the culture. They were excited to have their guests at their table to taste and evaluate their cooking. The students completed the assignment

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Middle School News 1 May 2020

Online Learning  The learning curve over these last two weeks has been intense as teachers, students, and families have adjusted to completing their school work from home. The number of students who logged into their classes and completed the set work on the first day and in the days that followed has been great to

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Middle School News

Making Homework Productive and Achievable and some other Middle School notes. It was great to meet many of our parents at the recent Student-Led Conferences and Interviews. Thanks for making the time to invest in your child in this small way. Having parents involved in their child’s education, makes a difference to how they progress

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Middle School News

Developing our young people into fine young men and women: Year 8 students had a Leadership Training day this week (by stealth). On Tuesday they were engaged in a variety or outdoor challenges with an intentional focus on lessons learnt such as respect and consideration for others, inclusion, communication skills etc. One of the provoking

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Middle School News

Here are a few snippets from things that have been happening in Middle School in just the last few weeks. Many of these occur because the Glasshouse staff see a need or have a passion or vision and go the extra mile to make it possible for our students to do or achieve these great

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Middle School News

Conversation and time with your Middle School child: Recently the school hosted Graham Hyman from Youth Specialties Australia to speak to Middle School parents on the topic of ‘Understanding and Communicating with your Teenager’. As the organiser, I have to say that even though this kind of presentation is something I have heard many times

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Middle School News

Pastoral Care is a key component in delivering quality education. A student will find it difficult to learn if they are struggling emotionally or socially or there are unnecessary distractions. Likewise, students will find it hard to learn if another student is disruptive or distracting in the learning environment. Often disruption is a symptom of

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Middle School news

Congratulations to these students for their successes so far this term: Ebony King – 7th in High Jump in Queensland JD Theron and Aiden McKellar – played in the QLD Volleyball team in the national championships – their team won! The Year 8 girls Glasshouse Volleyball team won silver in the recent state competition Noah

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The Green and Gold Goosebumps

Our Year 7s were privileged to have Andrew Wallace, our local MP, meet them and spend time showing them around Parliament House in Canberra last week. As they gathered in the Marble Foyer, his words to them were; ‘This is your Parliament House; it’s not the government’s, it’s not the Parliamentarian’s. It’s the seat of

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Leadership Day at Tunnel Ridge

The year is flying by and in Year 8 we are preparing the students to seriously think about nominating for leadership positions for 2018. As part of this preparation, Year 8 attended a Leadership day on Wednesday at Tunnel Ridge. Here the students participated in various activities that encouraged leadership qualities and enabled the students to look at

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French News in Secondary

GCC Welcomes French Exchange Student A French exchange student Alice Leautey-Pommerie has started her 12-week stay here at Glasshouse Christian College this week. She will be attending Year 10 classes until the end of August. Alice is from the Paris region and enjoys sports, camping, shopping and cinema. Let’s make her feel welcome at our

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Middle School News 12 May 2017

EXTRA-ordinary The first 4 weeks of this term have already been bustling with a variety of rich activities, guest speakers and events. To cover some of the key ones – it has been made EXTRA-ordinary with: the privilege of hearing from the band, Tasman Jude and speaker, Scott Darlow; the cross country, the Year 7s

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Term 1 Year 7 French

We have had such a great time in French during Term 1! In March, our Year 7s went on an excursion to Brisbane to experience the limelight of a French Film Festival. Students were treated with croissants and chocolate milk while watching the awarded movie “L’Odyssée” at the Palace Centro. A wonderful movie about a

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Middle School News 24 March 2017

This past week we have focused on issues around bullying as well as celebrating cultural diversity and concentrating on recognising social justice issues in other places around the world. These two topics go hand in hand. They may be local, one on one problems of individual harassment or on a larger scale, political giants can

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Looking Back on Term 1 in Year 8

It’s incredible that Term 1 has come to an end…not that I am complaining! Term 1 has been a huge for the Year 8 students, teachers and parents. We saw the introduction of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program, went on camp, participated in the swimming carnival and ran in a cross country. I

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Middle School News 17 February 2017

Moving on from beginnings We have had an action packed start to 2017 with a Parent Information night, camps, Launchpads, special assemblies and the swimming carnival. Now, reality is coming to the fore and It is highly likely that students are finding meeting homework and assessment deadlines, taking responsibility for organisation of their uniforms, laptops

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Middle School News 5 August 2016

Parent Communication The recent Funfest and Parent Teacher conferences have been great opportunities for our teachers to chat both informally and formally and connect with parents. These are ultimately to work together to help our young people realise their full potential. If you were unable to make the conferences but would still like to have

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Middle School News 6 May 2016

Next week our Year 7 and 9 students sit their NAPLAN tests. These tests give valuable data that helps GCC   reflect on if we are best meeting the needs of our students. These tests can be daunting and tiring – please encourage our ‘NAPLANers’ and if your child is sitting the test check that

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Middle School News 20 November 2015

This week we recognised students who received ICAS competition results, the Debating team students, Term Academic and Diligence certificates from Term 3 and our Dance Troupe who came Highly commended in a large competition several weeks ago. These students have worked hard and consistently over many weeks and months to achieve the results they have

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Middle School News 9 October 2015

Awards Night – Tuesday 3 November Awards Night is a celebration of GCC students’ learning journeys and their achievements  It is  an opportunity to showcase the highlights of each year level through photo stories and a few of our best artistic items. Awards Night is an excellent evening for families to share and have insight

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Middle School News 4.9.15

Last week I spent two days and an evening with our Year 9 ladies on an overnight retreat. It was a great privilege to watch them work through what it means to be a young woman of character and strength. As we hopped off the bus at the end of the retreat, I also had

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Middle School News 21 August 2015

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”  Lawrence Clark Powell. Next week is National Book Week. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Literacy is a crucial foundation for all aspects of education –  even numeracy requires skill in literacy to enable understanding. (Similarly literacy requires numeracy skills and knowledge to complement understanding

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