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Battle of the classes

The Year 5 and 6 students have missed Interschool Sport this year so we had an interclass sports competition, called Battle of the Classes. Each class entered a touch football team and a netball team to do battle against the other classes. Students have been learning touch football and netball in PE during this term …

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Book Week is coming!

So… students get ready for the excitement –  activate your imaginations and make a plan for Primary Book Parade Day and Middle School Character Day. Come dressed as a character from a favourite book, or team up with a few friends and join in the fun. Further details of the Book Week events will be …

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Literacy Pro Millionaire Readers

We recently celebrated the amazing achievements of the following students who have read 1,000,000 words this year. The Millionaires Club rewards students for the number of words read in Literacy Pro, which students can easily track on the Literacy Pro homepage. We currently have 260 Year 3-6 students in the club and I’m sure this …

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We love gymnastics!

The Year 2 students have been very excited during their PE lessons as they have been learning lots of new gymnastics skills over the last four weeks. We had Eileen Fowler, a gymnastics coach, for this program which was funded by Sporting Schools. Students were given the challenge of creating a routine using five skills …

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Prep to Year 2 Cross Country

Students were either cheering, left sweaty after their race, or running as fast as their legs would take them through our new Cross Country course.  The rain held off to create some cooler running weather, the music was pumping and everyone was excited to see the runners race. With the new course layout, we were …

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Totally Epic 2020 SU Day Camp

Only a couple of days until this camp begins so please register now if you are interested. There are some important changes to venue and delivery so please take note of these in the brochure below. Looks like a lot of fun!

How do we measure civilisation?

Margaret Mead was a famous and sometimes controversial cultural anthropologist in the 1960s and 70s. She was once asked what she thought the first sign of civilisation was and her answer surprised many. Some expected that the archeological evidence of civilisation would be advanced tool-making or a flourishing economy. However, Margaret disagreed. An article by …

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Coding fun

This term our Prep and Year 3 students have been busy coding and creating in their iDiscover library lessons. The Preps have created interactive stories by exploring the characters, backgrounds and blocks in the Scratch Junior App. Year 3 students have used Scratch and Makey Makeys to create digital, interactive versions of cinquain poems, exploring …

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SYSITS – Expression of thanks

Expression of thanks to our donors of “Save your Seat in the Spotlight” Campaign The College would like to thank all donors who have generously given into this Capital Giving Campaign so far. It will be a while until we can formally recognise each donation by way of an engraved seat plaque in their name, …

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Battle of the Bands

2020 has brought with it some challenges with COVID-19, but despite this, we wanted to create a space for our high-schoolers to rock out some tunes together. We had nine bands from Beerwah State High School, Glasshouse Christian College and Maleny State High School participating in the Battle this year. Click here to check out what the …

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Fun in Lifehouse

Friday lunchtime is usually a time allocated for our Senior students to come to the Lifehouse to explore faith.  However, last Friday the College Pastors opened the Lifehouse to the Senior students to come in for some fun and just hangout. Working alongside our Year 12 College Leaders we managed to turn the Pastors Lifehouse into …

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STEAM Hackers

The teams at Junior Engineers and Street Science have been working with a number of families from your community since COVID kicked in using a variety of digital methods to teach both coding and science outside of school hours. They have partnered to deliver an engaging holiday experience for kids called STEAM Hackers.   STEAM Hackers was …

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Beerwah Swim Club

Beerwah Swim Club begins in Term 4.  It is great for fitness, confidence and water safety and just fun to enjoy over the warmer months.  Everyone is welcome and all the details are in the flyer below.

The power of anticipation

Even though it is a first-world problem, one casualty of the current restrictions is the cancellation of events we’ve looked forward to; sometimes for months or even years! In an article by Sandra Shrock called, “Power of Anticipation” she says, “A healthy sense of “anticipation” can often help energize our lives and help us get …

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High Expectations

This year has been disruptive on many fronts but we are delighted to have all the children back at school and regular classes in session. Coming back to school and settling into learning and routines has taken a little time for some students. As we head towards the end of  Week 5, with only 14 …

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Premier’s Reading Challenge

There are two weeks left to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020! This year the Premier invited students to read the following number of books: ·   Prep to Year 2 should read or experience at least 20 books,·   Years 3 and 4 should read at least 20 books, and·   Years 5 to …

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Secondary Sports Report Weeks 1-5

To read all the exciting Sports events over the last five weeks, click here. Video Gallery Athletics Carnival Video gallery Touch Football

Father’s Day Stall

Despite all that has been going on this year the Father’s Day Stall will be going ahead on Thursday 3 September. There is a great range of thoughtful gifts for Dad, prices ranging from $1 to $5. So get the kids busy working around the house for pocket money and encourage them to begin saving! …

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AMT Mathematics Competition

On Tuesday 4 August, 14 bright minds embarked on a Mathematical challenge. Students in Year 5 and 6 who had proven to be excellent mathematical problem-solvers were selected to compete in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) run by the Australian Maths Trust. The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance …

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FOMO – do you fear missing out?

The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ has been so significant over the last two decades that the word, ‘FOMO’ was actually added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. An article published by the Newport Academy (a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in adolescents with mental health issues) said; “A review study on FOMO defined it as …

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Middle School News – Term 3

Reports, Certificates and Parent Teacher Interviews I trust all parents were able to view their child’s report card over the past week. Please contact Secondary Admin if you need assistance with this. Congratulations and well done to students who achieved a certificate for the following this week from their Semester One reports: Academic – ‘A’ …

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Two events in Hospitality

Year 10 Multicultural Luncheon Year 10 selected a two-course meal for the multicultural luncheon which was an assessment task. They selected a country and then researched suitable foods that would link to the culture. They were excited to have their guests at their table to taste and evaluate their cooking. The students completed the assignment …

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Expecting the Unexpected

There is an age-old motto that says, “expect the unexpected”. If ever there was a motto for 2020 (besides “wash your hands”) then this is it. This whole year has been quite unexpected, so it is the theme of my first blog for Term 3, 2020. No one, with the possible exception of Bill Gates …

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STEM fun in the Library

Year 2 Library Fun In Term 2 the Year 2 iDiscover library lessons encouraged students to be tinkers and thinkers. We learnt about people who have achieved small and great things and who may have made lots of mistakes along the way. We enjoyed Storytime from Space and saw the design process in action. We …

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Wondrous Artists

We are SUPREMELY proud of the amazing work our little students have created this term. Some work was based on guided drawings, to be more scientifically correct as we studied minibeasts, but some are all our own ideas! What year level is this you ask… Year 7? Year 9? Year 4? – NO! – Year ONE! Yes. We have had a …

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Orange and Poppy Seed Muffins

Welcome back to Kitchen Garden. It has been so wonderful to see all our Prep, Year 1 and 2 classes back with their beautiful smiling faces. As a welcome back, we decided to use our beautiful oranges to make orange and poppyseed muffins. They were a great hit and I will put the recipes below for you to …

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Save Your Seat In The Spotlight!

Have you seen the Flythrough video of our Performing Arts Centre? Soon we will be commencing construction of Stage III of our Performing Arts Centre that will contain a state-of-the-art 600-seat Performance Hall. This multi-million dollar facility will revolutionise performing arts at our College, providing a two-level theatre experience with modern decor and aesthetics that …

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Get Your “SHINE” On!

This term I am hoping to start a program for Year 11 girls. The program is called ‘SHINE’ and it is based on a curriculum written by Hillsong. I am passionate about seeing young women understand and realise their worth, value and purpose in a world with so many pressures and unrealistic expectations. Shine is …

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