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Anxiety in Middle School

Navigating middle school can be a time filled with both excitement and challenges for our students. One common hurdle they may face is anxiety, which can hinder their academic progress and overall well-being. However, by employing the powerful strategy of exposure, we can empower our middle schoolers to overcome their anxiety and thrive. Let’s explore

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Pilates at GCC

Welcome to my Thursday, after school, GCC Pilates class for high school students and parents! My name is Juliette Simmonds, and I am a secondary teacher at GCC. I am excited to offer a fun and engaging way to improve your physical fitness and overall well-being. Pilates is a low-impact exercise method that focuses on

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Total Adventures

Total Adventures is an outdoor education provider situated in the beautiful Noosa North Shore. Our adventurous school holiday program offers daily activities for children aged nine years and over. The best bit? We do all the work. Drop off the kids and let our highly-qualified instructors do the rest. Each day is packed full of

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